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March 2017
3/13: Laphicet and Elenor log
3/2: Dezel post.
3/8: Ion post.
3/15: Task post

February 2017

2/7: Intro log top level
2/8: Intro log, Jaeha.
2/10: Hinata post
2/12: Eikichi post
2/14: Mika post
2/17: Juzo post
2/18: Future beginnings
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William Twining
Player: PLAYER
Canon: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist
Canon Point: Pillar 84
Alignment: Thras
Date of Entry: 02/6/1982
» onetwothreefourfive «

Age: 17
Birthday: June 6, 1872
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 170 cm/ 5 feet 7 inches
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Profile: Link (application or separate information entry)
Contact: Plurk/Messenger Journal

Permissions: Permissions for actions done to this character.
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Player: Joy
Contact: [plurk.com profile] Kanetsugu, Discord: thesecondbesttheory#8142
Age: 34
Current Characters: n/a


Character: William Twining
Age: 17
Canon: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist
Canon Point: Pillar 84

Background: http://makai-ouji-devils-and-realist.wikia.com/wiki/William_Twining/History

William identifies himself as a Realist, a person who values science above all else, ignoring that which doesn't make any sense within this framework. This view leads him to be extremely rigid early on, refusing to accept the existence of the demons right in front of him. Even after he promises to stop denying their existence, it's with the caveat that he wishes to find a scientific explanation for their existence and to keep them out of trouble.

He's an intellectual in general, to the point of being a big nerd stereotype. He's a top student at his school, earning high marks in every subject, save for athletics, which he loathes. One time, when falsely accused of cheating on a Latin exam and put on trial, William was able to conduct his defense entirely in Latin, proving that he had no need to cheat. He does have his weak spots though, which tends to hurt his pride, such as his bitterness towards more athletic characters, due to his own failings in that area. He's also shown to have a difficult time learning magic, losing out to mediocre student Isaac, who proves to be a prodigy. While William does greatly improve his magical aptitude in the latest chapters, he complains that it is challenging as it is not at all like science, indicating that he has a hard time with anything that doesn't fall into his particular learning style of hard work and memorization.

His intelligence has led to William being incredibly arrogant. He's been born into an unusually privileged life, which influences his outlook. He brags about his good qualities and is very ambitious, to the point that he has stated a rigid life plan, where he will eventually become the youngest Prime Minister England has ever known. This sense of entitlement means that he struggles when his pride is wounded, especially by things that conflict with his image of himself. William is bankrupted right in the first chapter and is forced to contend with this change for a good majority of the manga. He finds it humiliating, often complaining about how the Twining name has been shamed by him being forced to take scholarships. At one point he panics at having received a mark that was less than perfect on a test, even though it was still absurdly high.

This pride can also cause William to come off childishly insecure at times. When the Victorian School custom of fagging comes up and no student is willing to serve under him, William gets so desperate that he hides in a cupboard in order to eavesdrop on the younger students to find out why. When he hears that they think he is arrogant, unathletic and poor, he is surprisingly devastated. There is also a point later on when Dantalion confronts him on his repeated refusal to not summon him, despite summoning other demons. William mentally flails, as he had been telling Dantalion to stay away from him until recently and is now embarrassed to summon him. His outward reaction is to yell at Dantalion and call him weak instead. In general, there is a part of him that hates being wrong and also wants to be liked by others, despite trying to come off unaffected.

His ambition and pride can lead to him being very competitive as well. When challenged on his perfect grades, William becomes viciously obsessive, to the point of demanding that Isaac also study and come in at second place, a feat that is impossible for his academically weak friend. He also at one point abuses his summoning powers to force Camio and Sytry into drag to work in a maid café and earn him money so that he would not lose in a student event. He also constantly looks for ways to ingrate himself to those of high status and shows a lot of excitement when surrounded by people of quality. He tends to be much more polite and pleasant then, especially compared to his default mode.

William can be blunt, often stating his beliefs tactlessly to others. He's capable of manners, but tends to only display them when it is to impress someone. But he can be incredibly rude, in particular his behavior towards Dantalion is callous early on, at one point literally trying to order him away with his powers, despite the other's obvious affection for him. Even after he softens up, William can still be cold, unafraid to call others stupid. He's very straightforward in some ways, but will also act harsh to cover up awkwardness and embarrassment and seems to be inept at putting more delicate feelings into words.

Underneath all of his brattiness there is a strong sense of determination. While William complains about the obstacles in his path, he never lets himself be over powered by them, pushing forward instead. He never gives up on his dream of being Prime Minister, even in the face of overwhelming poverty. And while he is often terrified of the supernatural things that threaten him, William will still face them head on, often trying to reason with them as if they were any other human, having no qualms about telling them off. When offered the chance to learn magic and become equal to his enemies, William embraces it, even though it proves to exceedingly challenging to him.

And it should be said that despite his brusque attitude, William is incredibly loyal and kind to his friends, even if it isn't always obvious. He throws himself into harm's way in order to protect Isaac at many points. When his demon friends disappear for any prolonged period of time, William becomes lonely and agitated. And sometimes he can be surprisingly sensitive to people's feelings in an indirect way, such as when he asked to have wine and cake with Dantalion, as a way to prove that he still trusted him after the revelation that the demon had murdered him in the past life.

While it seldom makes an appearance, William has all of his memories of his past life as Solomon in his head, though he has trouble accessing them at times. Solomon himself will come out as a unique personality, usually when the scent of herbs is strong in the air, as herbal tea helps along in magic in MO!verse. Solomon's demeanor tends to be much more cheerful and pleasant, but with a hint of perpetual melancholy. He's a wise man and is good at asking probing questions, such as when he tormented Kevin over his guilt about lying to William repeatedly or when he helped William and Dantalion come to an understanding the latest chapter. He is not inclined to appear much though, especially if there are no herbs present or any extreme emotional duress on William's part.

Abilities: Intellect: William's a top student in his school in part due to his high intelligence. He's shown to get perfect grades in all areas save atheletics and often demonstrates quick thinking and problem solving abilities. He's well educated and has kept in touch with the many scientific innovations of his time.
72 Demonic Contracts: One of the things William inherited from Solomon was his ability to summon the 72 pillars. The pillars are demons that Solomon made contracts with during his lifetime and are obligated to obey him and all of his vessels. Certain states can interfere with this, such as extreme rage blocking out William's voice, though these moments are rare.
The pillars are appable characters themselves and thus wouldn't be summonable in game unless someone apped one of them in, so this is included more for completeness.
Magic: William's been learning magic in canon and continuing his studies in Cereal and has become somewhat proficient at this point. He can use strong fireball spells and summon wind magic. He can also create convincing illusions of himself and other people and fly great distances without tiring.

Alignment: Thras. William confronts the powerful supernatural forces in front of him with incredible fearlessness and bravery. But he also has many moments of fear, whether it's because of the creatures that are out to hurt him, or over potential losses of friendship and status. Over all though, one of his defining traits in canon is his boldness in the face of various challenges in his life.

Other: As should be noted above, Solomon is a personality that comes out on occasion, usually when William smells strong herbs or doing situations the being finds pertitnent. Here's a write up for another game


Remember that we ask for samples that show 1) core character portrayal and 2) some use of emotions, such as environmental effect. You can also use the same sample source for both, just make sure to directly link or quote the emotion portion. We highly encourage using the Test Drive, and you can use prompts from the Test Drives, Intro Logs, and the Task board if you need them. Refer to the main application page for links and more suggestions.

General Sample: TDM Thread

Emotion Sample: Further in the TDM

Questions: In regards to the Solomon thing, if you guys want that just nixed, or to have him just not talk, I'm perfectly fine with that, since I don't play around with that part of William's existence much anyways.


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*this was an explanation of how Solomon's connection with William works as part of a revision for CC and I'm linking it here for convenience.

Solomon tends to manifest either when the scent of herbs are heavy in the air or when it's necessary to speak with someone he shares a past. He can also manifest with the use of Solomon's ring, but that isn't something that will be coming with William in the game.

Solomon's main method of appearing is with exposure to herbs. William started drinking herbal tea when he began to learn magic, as it helps with casting spells. He notes that after he started drinking it, that he began to have more vivid memories of the past, particularly Solomon's. Even before that, William tends to have flashbacks when meeting Solomon's demons or when they refer to certain events. He also often has dreams from Solomon's past, both good and bad. William spends most of the manga ignoring these memories until Dantalion finally forces him to admit the truth.

One of the biggest examples of Solomon's behavior is seen with William's servant, Kevin, who is also the angel Uriel. Uriel had tortured Solomon, a fact unknown to William, who only knows him as Kevin for most of the series. During the London arc, William regularly shifts into Solomon, who chooses to tease and taunt Kevin, while trying to be helpful. These shifts are very fluid, with William seeming to not realize they had happened. During the London trip, Solomon can be seen offering advice to Kevin, who is worried over choosing between William and his loyalty to Heaven. He teases Kevin, asking if he "dislikes herbs" and also advises him to drink catnip tea to clear his head, which he needs in this situation. He doesn’t seem to bear any actual grudge towards Uriel, even though the angel holds some responsibility for Solomon's fall. Instead Solomon tries to help improve his relationship with William, going as far as to show William memories of the past with Uriel, to get the truth out in the open. When William's relationship with Kevin nearly falls apart instead, Solomon briefly manifests to express regret and dismay.

In general, Solomon seems very avoidant when it comes to conflict. In his real life, he was locked away for most of his childhood and adolescence, being an illegitimate child. He used the power that God gave him to summon demons, but instead of using them for war or vengeance, chose to throw fun parties, being unwilling to confront his father, David until he was forced into a war that ended with Solomon becoming an unwilling king. Despite his wisdom and great power, Solomon is someone who feels powerless in the face of his fate, often saying he doesn't have a choice or that it is no use. He tends to cover this up with a cheerful demeanor, acting flippant and unaffected, though he is shown to be more honest with people who he is truly close to, such as Dantalion, having said he wished to die to him.

Powerless in life, Solomon was greatly depressed and had himself killed, hoping to escape his burdens. He wished to be reborn into a new and happier life and after many unsuccessful attempts, found that existence in William. Because of this, he sees William as someone he needs to protect, valuing the mental strength his current vessel has, as William is much stronger willed than him, with none of Solomon's depressed personality. When Solomon manifests in William's body during battle situations, he'll use the most powerful magic at his disposal to defend his vessel and doesn’t play around, even going hard at old friends. He usually doesn't take control of William's body for long though, preferring to leave it to him.

William generally doesn't seem to remember these shifts into Solomon, with long periods of possession being the same as blackouts. The one exception seems to be on Solstice night, when Solomon, William and Dantalion have a long heart to heart. Solomon confesses to having selfishly made Dantalion kill him, and apologizes as he had left the demon without a home. He then immediately shifts to William, who promises to never rob Dantalion of his home again and make his dreams come true, making it clear that William remembers what Solomon said.

Whether William remembers these shifts seems to be related to how important it is that he remember what is going on at the time, as he needed to remember the conversation with Dantalion. Kevin though needed to address William himself instead of having William find out the truth through Solomon.

The big difference with Solomon is that he is more playful than William, but also more melancholy and less blunt. He's more likely to handle problems by joking and teasing in order to push things in a good direction. Otherwise, he likes to leave things in William's hands, sharing his knowledge of magic with him, but nothing more.

*Note, if you guys think that Solomon's personality is too much of an appable character/too overpowered, I'm happy to find a way to just strip it away/silence it due to the mana in the game's world or something else. Or even just clarify something else. I know it's an obscure canon.
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January 2017
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December 2016
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November 2016
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August 2016
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State your name and business and I shall get back to you as soon as convenient.

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I unfortunately didn't do this the first year I played in Cereal, but I'm going to try to keep up from now.

October 2016
10/1: Chiro's post.

September 2016
9/3 (9/17): Nyu/Lucy and talking about lost time.
9/25 (10/10): Kevin's disappearance.

August 2016
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8/20 (8/11): Return post
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July 2016
7/1: July TDM
July: intro log
(7th/Event 30): Kaz and William.
7/18 (8/9): Allura post on debate club

June 2016
6/1 (7/16): Draco's return post.
6/2 (7/17ish): Kevin's exorcism stand
6/3 (7/17): Karna's post on selfishness.
6/8 (7/17): Angelo's return.
6/9 (7th month): Serious(?) convo with Leon.
6/14 (end of the 7th month): Event 30 post. memory sharing ahoy!

May 2016
5/15(7/7): May intro log.
5/18 (7/9): Owain introducing his youthful mother on the network.
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September 2016
9/3 Catch all.
9/3 Severa post
9/6: Aoba post
9/6: Main event log
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August 2016
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July 2016
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June 2016
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June 4 June red string event.
6/17: Percy Post about roommate finding and sexuality.

May 2016
5/???: TDM thread with Karkat. Started at the end of april, but game canon, so it's taking place some time in the start of May.
5/4: Arrives to Carvaka planted in the ground up to his neck, in his pajamas, interrupting his convo with Dantalion. He is unamused.
5/9: Introducing himself on Monty's post.
5/10: Visiting the lab.
5/13: Lucina's post about the door.
5/15: Masaki's post on courtship in a sex game.
5/19: Open log
5/24: Dorian's post.
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☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: He's slender for a boy of his age (despite all the food he eats.) His features are very prettyish, to the point that he makes a convincing girl when forced into drag (which was a one-time occurrence that will never happen again.) He has green eyes, long eyelashes and blond hair that he tries to keep short, but it'll sometimes grow a little longish if he forgets.

♚ FASHION: Not matter what world he's in, William still dresses like most men and boys in his era, wearing suits. He's always going to be wearing a vest, coat, trousers, nice shoes and a tie or occasionally a cravat. His color schemes tend to be understated, with his vests being a little more colorful, without ever being tacky. He does adopt more modern style suits though when they are available.

Hygiene wise, he's very fastidious. His hair is always nicely combed and regularly trimmed and his nails are well manicured. He always makes an effort to look his best every morning and touches himself up throughout the day.

Examples of his clothes:

School clothes

♚ DEMEANOUR: He can come off as very reserved and polite when dealing with most people on a superficial level. Towards women there’s an extra level of gentlemanly politeness and kindness. Most people who go to school with him though find him arrogant, abrasive and controlling. This isn’t exactly a wrong impression. He is highly ambitious and proud of his intelligence, leading to a ridiculously high level of self-esteem. Despite that, he has occasional moments of bizarre insecurity, especially if his intelligence is insulted or if he thinks he's being unfairly disliked, though he'll try to brush off the latter. He also has a tendency to be a bit blunt to the point of being tactless on occasion.

He has a strong love of science and technology, always keeping up with the latest theories and trends. He also identifies himself as a Realist, someone who believes that science can explain all things. He occasionally balks at things that are outside his scientific understanding, particularly the supernatural, though he's become more open minded recently. He tends to approach magic and the like as something that can be scientifically explained. He's a staunch atheist, even in the face of finding out God is real, believing the being to be a fool who misguidedly tried to control humans.

Despite his more unpleasant traits, he can be very kind, even if he has a hard time expressing it out loud. He values companionship highly, caring deeply for his friends. He'll usually do what it takes to help the people in front of him, even if he doesn't have much power. His emotional awkwardness can get in the way of comforting people though and he still tends to take a blunt and honest approach when giving advice.

♚ AURAL: He’s voiced by Takuya Eguchi. He’s polite, but can become more casual when need be. He generally tends to adopt the norms of the places he's in and will call most peers by first name and accept the same in turn. He'll show more respect towards adults or those who show him the same in return. He's usually nicer to girls unless they act crass towards him, or rude in some way, then he tends to return the same. His voice tends to drop much lower when he’s annoyed, angry or frustrated.
Example of his voice as he argues with Dantalion
LP of the game, pretty good example his voice range

♚ OLFACTORY: Soap, coffee and herbal tea usually.

♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: He is the reincarnation of King Solomon, who exists as a another personality within him. King Solomon lead an unusually long life and also received God's Wisdom, so his mind is overwhelming, with William being the first descendant to not be driven mad by his knowledge.

As a personality, Solomon is cheery, sensual and suicidally depressed, a strong contrast towards William's demeanor.

♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: He can do some magic, mainly learned through magical grimoires. He's also as mentioned above the reincarnation of a powerful wiseman and sorcerer, so it's possible to feel a unique vibe from him. Solomon was loved by God, but chose Lucifer instead, so it's possible for the sensitive to feel the touch of the profane and divine upon him.

He can also summon demons, having a contract with all 72 demons that Solomon possessed. They must come when he calls them and he can force them to comply with any command of his, assuming there is no outside interference. This does not apply to demons from other canons who share the same name, as Solomon never made a contract with them.

In Cerealia, he's been lent Kazuya's COMP which is a magic using DS.


♚ BACKTAGGING: always open to it, as I do a lot of it myself.


♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Yes, feel free, though he will be annoyed if you're someone he isn't close with. Even with friends, he can be pretty caught off guard, due to being a reserved and prickly guy. Hugs and that fine though, but kissing will embarrass or even offend him if you're not already in a relationship or if it's not a meme situation.

♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Please ask me ahead of time. I am not opposed to having horrible things happen to him, but he is not a fighter by any means. He'll fight to defend himself, but it's not his first recourse.

♚ RELATIONSHIPS: I am open to anything! As long as there is some development because it will probably be a slow burn unless it's happening in a meme/psl. But never be afraid to ask!
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Crossover the World, Image Song

Canon Info

Misc. Research
Victorian Web-General Resource on the Victorian Era
Song of Solomon-Also known as the Song of Songs
The Key of Solomon
Lesser Key of Solomon
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For anyone still interested in continuing threads, reply to comments here. Or we can just discuss handwaving as needed.


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This is William Twining. I shall reply to your message at my earliest convenience. Thank you. ***BEEP***
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Pming this journal is fine, otherwise I can also be reached at [plurk.com profile] Kanetsugu or blahblahhonor @AIM.
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